Vernard Jenkins /Owner

CrossFit Level One Trainer/CrossFit Football & Endurance Trainer

So there I was, deep in the jungles of South America when the tiger jumped out at me and with my ninja like reflexes and superb training, I was able to defeat the tiger with ease. OK…so that story isn’t quite true but my daily fitness has taken many paths and has guided me to where I am today. An athlete all my life, I was always looking for something better. I have done every workout known to man but nothing compares to CrossFit. When I reached my heaviest weight of 240lbs, I knew I needed to make a change. I was also told by my doctor that my blood pressure had reached a level to where I could have a heart attack or a stroke at a given’s notice. So I took charge of my diet, told CrossFit “I do” and within 4 months I had lost 40lbs and was in the best shape of my life. Since then I haven’t looked back and made it my mission to help those with the same life issues. I look forward to downloading all my knowledge and life’s experiences to each member of our gym and providing you with the best experience each day.




Amy Hollingsworth

Ladies Strength and Conditioning Coach

I made a decision when I stepped on the scale and weighed 242lbs that something needed to change. I managed to drop 20lbs by walking/jogging and eating slightly differently but was not finding it easier to do daily task. I was lacking strength and stamina and started looking for a different avenue to help me. My brother was attending All or Nothing and getting great results so my husband Brad and I came September 2013 for our first class and it was so hard! From day one I was hooked. I shed many tears in my 3 year journey, but it has been totally worth it. I started with a 15lb bar and struggled with it, but I kept plugging and giving it my all and my body started to change. I’ve always been inspired by the motivation and driving force of my coach Vernard who once told me “I’m going to show you how strong you really are.” I didn’t believe that I could do it, but believed what he said. Along this journey I’ve found a passion in helping others achieve their fitness goals. It’s not about being the best competitor or greatest at the workouts, it’s about being a better person in your everyday life. This gym gave me a life I never thought I could have, not only for myself but my entire family. I find true happiness in watching others come in and reach their fitness goals. My goal is to show others how strong they really are. I truly believe in giving back what has been freely given to me and that is what I strive to accomplish everyday

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