Daily Workout

  • Community Workout - Jackie Robinson

    You guys have put in some hard work this week, you are Open ready!

    Tomorrow is our community partner workout and it's a fun one!

    18 February

    "Jackie Robinson"

    teams of 2

    1st Base:
    10 synchronized air squats
    10 synchronized burpees
    20 wbs 20/14
    24 box jumps 24/20
    20 power clean and jerks

    2nd Base:
    10 synchronized air squats
    10 synchronized burpees
    20 wbs 20/14
    24 box jumps 24/20
    24 power snatches 135/95 (scale as needed)

    3rd Base:
    10 synchronized air squats
    10 synchronized burpees
    20 wbs 20/14
    24 box jumps 24/20
    20 full cleans 135/95

    Home Run:
    30 deadlifts
    15 hang cleans
    12 jerks

  • Uplift and Encourage

    Today with the partner workout, it was awesome to see you guys and gals uplift and encourage each other through the suck!

    That is truly the environment we want for All or Nothing, great job!

    17 February 


    9 min Alt EMOM

    7 Strict HDPU

    10 TTB

    12 Goblet Squats 55/35

    Open Prep: 

    5 Rounds for Time 

    Run 400m

    15 Ring Dips

  • Great Work!

    Great hustle today everyone! Keep up the hard work. The Open begins in 1 week!

    16 February

    Partner Mash up:
     Take 7 min to find 1RM Push Press

    Rest 1 min then

    10 min Partner Amrap:
    20 Push Press 115/75
    20 Cal Row
    20 Burpees over the Row
    20 KBS 55/35

  • Put Down the Chocolate

    We hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day!

    Now put down the chocolate and get back in the gym tomorrow!

    15 February

    5x5 Deadlift

    Open Prep:
    10 min Amrap
    5 Deadlift 95/65
    10 STO 95/65
    15 Box Jumps

  • Post Featured Image

    Member of the Month

    Everyone give a BIG congratulations to our member of the month, Nereyda Iraid! Nereyda started with ANSC through our ladies 6 week program and has not looked back! She has come so far in her fitness journey and she still shows up everyday and gives 100%.

    Tell Us About Yourself:

    I am a mom and a wife with a full time job that goes way past the regular 40 hours a week. I find strength in my son and motivation in my coaches. In my (non existent) spare time I go to the gym and spend time with family!

    What has been your experience at ANSC?:

    I have learned that I am stronger than I thought.

    What is your favorite moment/workout?:

    My favorite moment was when I reached a heavy front squat of 185lb and my coach said it was more than her front squat!

    What is your most embarrassing moment?:

    I remember is like it was yesterday (when in reality it was a couple of weeks ago) it was just me and Amy at the gym and the workout was air squats, lunges and box jumps. I was starting the second round of box jumps…and I FELL off the box!! But, I got back up and finished the workout!

    Great job Nereyda!

  • Power Clean PRs

    Another amazing day of PRs, today with power cleans! To watch you guys and gals tap into that inner beast and smash those old weights was AWESOME!!!!!

    10 February 


    Take 15 min to fins 1RM Front Squat 

    Open Prep : 

    8 Min Amrap: 

    15 Pushups

    10 TTB 

    5 Front Squats 135/95

  • PR City on Backsquats Today

    What an amazing day it was to watch as backsquat PRs were being made left and right!

    You guys have become so much better all the way around! To hear 3, 2, 1 go and watch as y'all killed the workout!

    Keep it up, 1% better everyday

    9 February

    Take 15 min to find 1RM Power Clean

    Open Prep:
    2 rounds for time
    20 Box Jump Overs
    10 Handstand Pushups
    Run 400m
    2 Power Cleans 155/105

  • Feed The Wolf of Courage

    "Starve the Wolf of fear and feed the Wolf of courage"! Mark Divine

    Never let fear control your mind so much that you don't strive to achieve something amazing!

    8 February 


    Take 15 min to find 1RM Back Squat 

    Open Prep: 

    2 Rounds for time: 

    25 Wallball Shots 20/14 

    20 KBS 55/35

    15 Pullups

    10 Back Squats 135/95

  • No Pre-workout Replaces Heart

    Another week, another chance to accomplish something you didn't think was possible!!!

    7 of February 


    15 min to work up to 1RM Strict Press 

    Open Prep: 

    2 Rounds For time: 

    10 Strict Press 95/65

    50 Double Unders

    10 Push Press 95/65

    50 Double Unders

    10 Push Jerk 95/65

  • Community Workout

    Everyone worked hard this week!! We had some challenging workouts, but you stepped up and handled it.

    Tomorrow is our partner community workout so come join us at 9am.

    4 February

    Teams of 2

    25 Min AMRAP:
    30 burpees over bar
    25 Power Cleans 115/75
    20 Wallballs 20/14
    15 TTB
    10 STO 115/75

  • Going HAM

    Today was hardcore and you guys and gals went HAM!! Keep it up, the Open is just around the corner

    2 February


    5X300m row (Rest as long as it takes person sharing rower to finish)

    Open Prep:

    EMOM for 10Min


    5 Thrusters 95/65 + 6 Alt KB Snatches 55/35


    5 Thrusters 95/65 + 10 KBS 55/35

  • Prepped and Ready

    Way to grind today family! When the Open arrives you will be READY!!!

    1 February


    10X3 Backsquats
    **build to heavy triple**

    Open Prep:

    60 Burpee Box Jump Overs

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