Daily Workout

  • Overcome Fear

    We are so proud of ya'll! We challenged you to do something out of the ordinary by jumping 24" and 30" boxes and you might have had fear, but you did not let it control you!

    And some finally achieved the 20" box jump!!

    Way to go family!!!!

    15 August

    20 min Alt EMOM
    15/11 Cal Row
    12 KBS/12 HDPU
    **Row, KBS,Row, HDPU,Row, KBS etc

    Take 12 min to Build to Heavy Double Front Squat

  • How Much Are You Willing?

    How much effort are you willing to put forth to reach your goal?

    14 August



    75% of First week Heavy Back Squats

    **Rest as needed between sets and immediately do 15 Box Jumps (30/24in) after your 21/15/9

    Work Capacity

    For time:


    Thrusters 95/65

    Hand Release Pushups

  • Workout Buddies!!!

    Workout buds always make a workout more fun!!

    Tomorrow is our community partner workout, dont miss it!!

    11 August

    25 min cap to complete (teams of 2)

    2 rounds
    Run 800m
    60 cal row
    40 KBs 70/55

    With remaining time do Amrap of

    12 Power cleans 185/115
    60 air squats
    80 double unders

  • Pain Today/Strength Tomorrow

    The pain you feel today is the strength you'll feel tomorrow.

    10 August

    Every 2 min for 10 min
    3 x Tempo Front Squats 155/105
    4 sec down/3 sec pause/1 sec up

    Work Capacity
    In teams of 2
    Run 400m together
    100 Wallball Shots
    75 Wt'd Situps 45/35
    50 KB Snatches 55/35
    Run 400m Together
    **30 min cap**

  • Stay Mobile

    Dont forget to be good to your body. Mobility is a MUST, make sure your getting it done.

    Street Fitness tomorrow!!!

    9 August

    Street Fitness
    Run 1 mile
    150 Pushups
    Run 1 mile

  • Failure Is Never The Option

    Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.

    8 August

    EMOM alt for 10 min
    --3 Push Jerks 155/105
    --Run 100m

    Work Capacity
    For Time:
    20 Ring Dips
    20 Hand Stand Pushups
    20 OHS 115/95
    20 Pullups
    20 Burpees

  • Don't Expect Change Without Change

    It only comes through work! There is no magic formula and no short cut.

    So make a decision and take the action!

    7 August

    Back Squat
    EMOM for 10 min
    3 x Back Squats 70% from Last week Heavy

    Work Capacity
    7 Rounds For time
    5 Push press 95/65
    7 TTB
    9 KBS 70/55

  • Saturday Partner Fun

    Great end to an awesome week!

    Tomorrow is our community partner workout so come join the fun!! It's open to anyone gym member or not.

    4 August

    Teams of two

    12 rounds

    30 Dubs/90 singles
    12 Ring dips
    12 Box jump
    1 Power Clean 225/135

  • Building Strong Families

    Building strong families one person at a time!!!

    3 August

    EMOM alt for 10 min
    6 Front Squat 155/105
    12 Deadlift

    Work Capacity
    In Teams if two complete
    4000m row
    **Every 1000m complete 20 TTB

  • Girl Power

    There is something amazing about watching a strong group of ladies working it out together!!

    Girl Power was strong tonight!!!

    2 August

    Street Fitness

    4 Rounds
    Run 800m
    Row 750m
    10 Strict pull-ups

  • The Company You Keep

    It's important that you surround yourself with people who get you and push you to work harder than yesterday!

    1 August

    EMOM alt for 12 Min
    5 Strict Press - Build to Heavy 5 
    10 KBS 70/55

    Work Capacity
    4 Rounds for time
    50 Dubs or 150 singles
    12 HDPU
    Immediately upon finishing complete 45 unbroken Russian KBS 55/35

  • No Class Tomorrow!!

    Great week of hard work crew!!

    Remember there will be NO class tomorrow, enjoy your weekend and we will see you Monday.

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