Daily Workout

  • AON Field Day

    Today we were like Forest Gump and did some RUNNING!!!

    Congrats to everyone, today was a success!!!!

    Tomorrow is AON field day and you dont want to miss this one!!!

    Also during the 8:30am class the jewelry designer will be videoing for an upcoming ad campaign. If you'd like to join in, come to the 8:30 class.

    20 April


    Take 10 min to Build to Heavy Back Squat

    "Strongman" Aerobic Capacity

    In equal Teams: 25 min Amrap (5 min at each station)

    50 Ft Sled Pull

    Tire Flips (7 Flips)

    Stone to Shoulder (10 each)

    Yoke Carry (50 ft each)

    Heavy Farmer Carries (100 ft each)

  • Partner Fun

    There is something about a partner workout that brings out the fighter in everyone! Every person in every class showed up and gave 100%.

    So proud of you guys and gals!!!

    18 April

    Take 12 min to Build to Heavy Front Squat

    Aerobic Capacity
    For Time:
    200 Meter Run
    27 Wallballs (20/14)
    27 Box Jumps (24/20)
    200 Meter Run
    21 Wallballs (20/14)
    21 Box Jumps (24/20)
    200 Meter Run
    15 Wallballs (20/14)
    15 Box Jumps (24/20)
    200 Meter Run
    9 Wallballs (20/14)
    9 Box Jumps (24/20)
    200 Meter Run

  • The Beginning

    It's the beginning of a new week! Tomorrow is the beginning of whatever you want, what will it be?!!

    17 April

    Aerobic Capacity
    Every 2 min for 14 min
    Run 200m

    Work Capacity
    In teams of two
    20 min Amrap
    Row 50 Cal
    50 Burpees over the Rower
    50 KBS

  • Team Time

    Great work this week crew! Aerobic capacity has improved those engines big time!!!

    Tomorrow is our community partner workout, so come join us!!!

    14 April

    Teams of 2

    For Time:

    30 Clean and Jerks 135/95
    50 WBS 20/14
    120 dubs
    50 Wbs
    30 Clean and Jerks

  • Going for It!!

    I love it when we build to a heavy! There are always new 1 rep maxes in the house, great job fellas!!!

    13 April

    2 Rounds:
    AMRAP :20 Seconds – Power Snatches (95/65)
    Rest :40 Seconds
    AMRAP :30 Seconds – Power Snatches (115/75)
    Rest :30 Seconds
    AMRAP :40 Seconds – Power Snatches (135/95)
    Rest 1:20

    Work Capacity
    3 Rounds For Time:
    10 (5 left/5 Right) KB Power Snatches (55/35)
    Run 200m
    20 Toes to Bar
    40 Double Unders/120 Singles

  • Just Start

    Just start and give it all you've got!!

    10 April

    Aerobic Capacity
    Every 90 Sec Alternating for 15 min
    -Run 200m
    -Row 20 Cal

    Work Capacity
    Back Squats 135/95
    Push Jerks

  • You and then Me!

    It’s that time again to pick a partner and put in some work!!! Let’s finish the week off on a high note!!

     7 April
     Community/Partner Workout
     For time in teams of two:
     7 rounds each(You go, I go)
     3 MU or 12 Pull-ups
     12 Box jump overs
     1 Clean and Jerk 205/120

  • We Are Just Having Fun

    Working out should bring joy to your life!! This picture shows the fun we have here at AON!!

    Let's finish this week strong!!!

    6 April

    Aerobic Capacity
    In teams of 2 or 3
    4 sets of 500m
    *Rest how long it takes partner to finish

    Work Capacity
    For Time:
    Run 200m
    21 Deadlifts 225/135
    Run 200m

  • Writing On The Wall

    We have the writing on the wall to remind you of what you possess inside!!

    You guys and gals are amazing!

    4 April

    EMOM for 8 min
    2 x Back Squats 75%

    Aerobic Capacity
    In teams of 2 Row Max Meters in
    30 minutes

  • Post Featured Image

    Member of the Month

    Everyone please join us in congratulating our member of the month, Bekah!  Bekah came in very reserved, but it didn't take her long to adapt to the AON mantra!!  Give it all and leave nothing behind!!  Bekah has worked so hard and improved not only physically, but mentally and we are so proud of her!!!

    Tell us about yourself: 

    I grew up in Midlothian and graduated from UTA with a degree in finance a couple of years ago. I work as a Financial Analyst at UTSW. I just recently bought a house in Waxahachie which is what brought me to All or Nothing. And I obsessively post pictures of my dog, Tucker. 

    What has been your experience at ANSC?

    I've truly enjoyed my time at ANSC so far! Everyone has been extremely nice and welcoming. I've been pushed to work harder at ANSC than anywhere I've worked out at before. Y'all don't let me sandbag and I like that!

    What is your favorite moment/workout?

    I don't have a specific favorite workout. Really anything with squat cleans, full snatches, or OHS. 

    What is your most embarrassing moment?

    Probably when I misread a workout and started doing a totally wrong movement and noticed that everyone else was doing something different. Oh well it happens!

    Great job girl!!

  • Doing It Together

    It's about doing it together!! The workout maybe challenging, but just know you have buddies working right next to you and together you can do it!!!

    3 April

    Aerobic Capacity

    Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
    Run 200m
    5 burpee box jump overs

    Work Capacity

    Row 20 cals
    50 WBS 20/14
    Row 20 cals

  • Happy Easter

    We made it through the first week of the aerobic capacity and you guys and gals did awesome.

    We want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter, but you still have 1 more chance to get a workout in. Our community partner workout is tomorrow at 9!

    31 March

    Team of 2

    200 Bar Facing Burpees
    Every 2 minutes until done 20 Synchronized air squats

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