Daily Workout

  • Friday Mashup

    Today we welcome Natasha to the crew!

    Tomorrow is Friday mashup and it's spicy, but you got it!!!

    16 February

    4 RFT
    12 SHSPU
    3 legless rope climbs or 21 strict pullups

    3 RFT
    12 calorie row
    15 TTB
    9 burpees over the rower

    For Time
    300 dubs or singles
    200 air squats
    100 hand release pushups

    5 minute rest between workouts

  • Swinging Through Wednesday

    Swinging through Wednesday in style!!

    February 15

    Front Squat
    3x2 90%
    * 10 Strict HDPU after each set

    Work Capacity
    10 min Alt EMOM
    -6 Bar MU or 15 Ring Dips
    -10 STO 155/105

  • Positive Progress

    Negativity can destroy any goals you want to achieve. This week we will work on positive thoughts, words and actions!!

    13 February


    Back Squat
    3x2 90%
    *15 TTB after each set*

    Work Capacity

    Every 3 min for 9 minutes:
    15 Cal Row or 200m sprint
    15 Thrusters 115/75
    Max rep dubs/singles with remaining time

  • It's Worth It

    Way to go today crew!

    Was that workout easy? Nope! Was it worth it? Absolutely!!!!

    Keep fighting!!

    8 February

    Front Squat
    3x 3 85%
    *After each set complete 15 Ring Dips

    Work Capacity
    4 Rounds For Time
    7 Squat Cleans 135/95
    7 Bar Facing Burpess

  • Mental Strength

    Today we surely tested the quote, "Be mentally stronger than you physically feel."

    You guys really stepped up to the challenge and gave it all you had. Great job!

    7 February

    Strict Press
    3 x 3 85%
    *After each set 1:00 Hollow Hold

    Work Capacity
    10 Min Amrap
    9 Power Snatches 95/65
    30 ft OH LUnges
    30 Pullups

  • It's Never Too Late

    It's never too late to set goals and become a better you!!

    6 February

    Back Squat
    3 x 3 85%
    *After each set complete 10 unbroken TTB

    Work Capacity
    9 Min Amrap
    7 OHS 135/95
    Bar MU or Ring Dips

  • Lead By Example

    I don't think anything is more rewarding than to see Mothers and Fathers lead by example and build strong families!

    Great job today, be very proud of the work you have done!!!

    2 February

    Mash Up
    15 Min Amrap
    150m row or 200m run
    15 Wallball Shots

    150m row or 200m run
    15 KBS 55/35

    30-45 min
    150m row or 200m run
    35 Double Unders or 105 Singles

  • New Face

    Please join us in welcoming Neyda to the crew! She is ready to start her fitness journey and we are so happy to have her.

    31 January

    Push Press
    10 x 60%
    5 x 65%
    5 x 75
    Max Reps at 90%

    Work Capacity
    10 sets Run 400m
    Rest 30 sec

  • Lets Go To War

    This week, lets go to war!! We will fight the old us that says stay home your tired. We will fight the old us that says eating fast food is easier than preparing a healthy meal. We will fight the old us that says I can't, and remember how far we have come!

    This week, fight your battles and achieve victory!!

    30 January

    Front Squat
    10 x 60%
    5 x 65%
    5 x 75%
    Max Reps at 90%

    Work Capacity
    Amrap 13 min
    25 TTB
    50 Double Unders or 150 Singles
    5 Bar MU or 15 Ring Dips
    50 Double Unders or 150 Singles

    At 13 min until 20 min
    Find 1 RM Clean and Jerk

  • Amazed

    Wow! What a fired up exciting day at the gym!! I witnessed people that thought that chipper would do them in, but guess what, you did it!!!

    I was so excited to witness everyone killing the wallballs, getting focused on the cleans and then finishing strong with ring dips. Today you guys amazed me!!!

    Wonderful job!

    26 January

    Back Squat
    10 x 55%
    5 x 60%
    5 X 65%
    Max Reps at 78%
    Then back up ladder

    Work Capacity
    Air Squats

  • It's About Effort

    It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. Thats how change occurs.

    25 January

    7 Sets
    Muscle Snatch + Power Snatch + Snatch
    Build to Heavy or work Technique

    Work Capacity
    For Time:
    75 Wallballs
    50 Power Cleans 135/95
    25 Bar MU or 40 Ring Dips

  • Master the Technique

    Everyone's technique is looking better and better with cleans. Lifting heavy is always fun, but sometimes you must step back and perfect your movement.

    Great job!!

    24 January

    Front Squats
    10 x 55%
    5 x 60%
    5 X 65%
    Max Reps at 77%
    Then back up ladder

    Work Capacity
    7 Min Amrap
    7 OHS 95/65
    7 Bar Facing Burpees

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