Daily Workout

  • Grrrrrrr



    5 Rounds for Time/ 3 min each round with a 1 min rest between rounds

    5 Power Clean (95/65)

    15 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

    *Do as many rounds as possible each round*


  • Hand Full


    Workout/Challenge Thursday:


    6 Rounds For Time:

    400m Plate Carry/Run (45lb)

    12 Push Press (115/85)

    12 Box Jumps

    12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (115/85)

    ***There will be a scaled down version in gym***



    5 Rounds For Time:

    Run 400m

    15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

  • Twister



    As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes

    10 x Sumo Deadlift Highpull (95/65)

    10 x Pushups on Bar

    10 x Pullups

  • Is it over?




    Deadlift (155/105)

    Handstand Pushups

    Wt'd Situps (45)

  • Balls



    Every Min on the Min for 12 Min do:

    3 Medicine Ball Cleans

    5 Pullups

    5 Pushups

    ***For the Evening class.. Open Gym will be from 3-5 and there will be one class @ 515pm due to Fashion show. There will be no Parking near the gym so park near Ellis County Martial Arts and run to class (200m) and thats the warmup!!!***


  • Change



    For Time:

    5 Pullps/10 Kettlbell Swings/15 Box Jumps/20 Burpees/25 Lunges/30 Pushups/35 Kettle bell Snatch/40 Squats/ 45 Flutter Kicks/Run 400m

    It's Challenge Thursday!!!

  • Loins, Tigers and Bears!!!



    6 Rounds:

    50 Bear Crawl

    10xThruster (95/65)

    Run 400m

    ***Extra Class today at 0830 if you want to come early****

    This is day 2 of our journey...lets keep on trucking guys!!!

  • Together we are stronger...

    Today we celebrate "Trey" Clyde Lampkin III. He died tragically this week and his funeral is today. He is Warren Russeau's (ANSC Member) cousin and Warren our hearts go out to you and your family. This workout today is a small dedication to your cousin and in times of mourning a family comes together to make each other stronger. We are here for you!! Class STARTS TODAY at 0830 am !!!


    As Many Rounds as Possible in 29 min:

    16 WallBall Shots

    32 Wt'd Situps (45lbs)

    9 Front Squats (135/95)

    10x 25m Shuttle Run

  • Called in....



    Buy in: 400m Run


    75 x Overhead Squats

    75 x Pushups

    75 x Squats

    75 x Hollow Rocks


    Buy out: 400m run

    ***FREE CLASS @ 830AM/500PM/600PM***

  • Challenge Thursday

    Something new at ANSC..every Thursday will be CHALLENGE THURSDAY...on these days we will typical pick a mentally and physically challenging workout. Todays workout is "Dalton" and this is ANSC first Hero Workout dedicated to Dalton who is in bootcamp right now...We miss you little bruh!!!

    ***Free Class Today at 830am/515pm/615pm***


    30 Thrusters (75/55)

    Run 400m

    20 Thrusters

    Run 400m

    10 Thrusters

    Run 400m

  • Tomorrow or Today???



    As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 mins:

    15 x Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (95/65)

    10 x Ring Dips

    ***FREE GROUP CLASS @ 515pm and 615pm

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