Frequently Asked Questions

What goes on during a class at All or Nothing S&C???

Sweat throwing, muscle pumping WORK!! OK, that’s after we do a few things first. If you’re like me, my body isn’t built like a microwave so we will do a short warm-up to get the blood flowing and then get into our Strength/Skill of the day. From there, the workout gets explained, the music is turned up and WE GET IT IN!!! Yes, either one or all of our coaches will be walking around MOTIVATING you, and correcting technique mistakes and overall ensuring that you are getting the most of out of your training with us.

Do I need to be in shape to workout at ANSC?

NO….NO and did I forget to say NO!! No matter what your fitness level may be (The guy who hasn’t worked out in years to the 10 time fitness champ), you can come in and we will scale the workout to your level, and watch you grow into a LEAN, mean bumper plate-throwingMACHINE!

Why should I pay $100 a month for ANSC when I can go to another gym for half of that?

The price you pay at ANSC gives you a FUN, FAMILY ORIENTEDatmosphere that will get you FIT in the FIERCEST way possible. Where else can you go and get a coach motivated to help you, a workout that is ready to be smashed and a collective group of folks who want to workout with you and see you succeed not only in the gym but in your daily life??? Last time I checked, your local XYZ gym didn’t have that!!

I heard a lot of people can get hurt doing high intensity workouts, is that true??

Remember when your friend John I. Slip-n-Fall got hurt walking to his car? Was that intense? Injuries can happen no matter what you do thus doing a high intensity workout is no more safe than walking down the street. Our coaches are right there to ensure you’re doing the right technique when you workout and that you have the right intensity level. This will ensure that when you walk out of our doors, you will be STRONGER, FASTER and HEALTHIER.

How does the sports specific training work?

For sports specific training, just come in and meet our coaches and we will get your fitness goals and set up a schedule that works for you. All we ask is your commitment because you’re going to have ours. It’s that simple!!

I don’t know how to do a squat clean or snatch, will you guys teach me?

We didn’t either and now we do and that’s because of PRACTICE. Before we get all sweaty from the workout, each day we will focus on a skill during class and let you, yes you get better at it. Also every Monday we will have a ANSC fundamentals where you get taught the basic moves we do and learn a little bit about the foundation of our workouts. All new members to the style of workout we do at ANSC are REQUIRED to attend an ANSC Fundamentals session.

Ok, I’m ready for something different, how do I get started????

Step one: Decide that EASY & FAILURE will no longer suffice

Step two: Check the schedule and pick a class YOU want to attend

Step three: SHOW UP to 120 N.HWY 77, Suite G (we are in the back), MEET our coaches, GET your FREE week pass and exchange some information

Step four: GET IT IN!!