Workout Of The Day

Snatch is better

We got 1% better with the Snatch today!! Way to go!!

26 June

Front Squat
5 x 75%
3 x 80%
2 x 85%
1 x 90%

9 min Amrap
35 Dubs/80 Singles
8 DL 135/95

Ready for More

Monday started off with bang, so let’s keep the fireworks going!!

25 June

Every 90 secs for 12 min
3 Position Power Snatch (High Hang, Mid Thigh, Ground)

For Time:
20 Hang Power Snatch 95/65
20 Strict Pullups
20 STO 95/65
20 Burpees
Run 800m


Another solid week in the books, now lets grab a partner and put in some more work!!

22 June

Community/Partner Workout

For Time:

In teams of 2 complete 200 cal Row.

*EMOM-One partner completes 12 Burpees

Friday Mash up

We felt the heat, but the fire made us stronger!!! Last day of the week, so let’s take advantage of it!

21 June

Full Class Mash up
Run 1 mile
30-20-10 Alt DB Snatch
10-20-30 WBS
Row 2000m
30-20-10 DB Hang Clean and Jerk
10-20-30 WBS
150/120 Cal Row
*45 min Cap

Run Forest!

Hump day was a success! We got two more days in the week left, let’s take full advantage of it!!

20 June
Every 2 min for 20 min
Run 200m + (Alt Rounds btw 7 OHS 45/35 and 7 KBS 70/55)

Take 8 min to Build to Heavy Back Squat